Celebratory Artists

Celebratory Artists can create activities and items that are specific to your celebration, the people, place and occasion. We can find appropriate creative forms which support the ceremony’s meaning and enhance its setting and enjoyment.

Once are particularly skilled in developing participatory activities for your guests to help them understand and feel involved in your ceremony in a meaningful way without being intimidated or embarrassed.

We use our wide ranging artistic skills and experience of event creation to create work that suits you, your ceremony and its location.

Examples of a Celebratory Artists’ work:

Designing ways for guests to be actively and collectively involved, for example:

  • making a wish with a print
  • floating a boat of promises downstream
  • building a memorial cairn
  • Dressing a space with flags, lanterns, canopies, paper cuts
  • Painting a coffin
  • Putting together a book of the event
  • Making a beacon
  • Cooking celebratory food
  • Writing new words, poetry or songs
  • Creating mementoes or talismans
  • Marking a route for a processional arrival or departure
  • Enabling the creation of a permanent feature, for example: tree planting, clay bread oven building.

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